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V International New Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana” will be held in Perm from 4 up to 9 May 2004 under the motto “Documentary and education in the XXI century”. The founders of the festival are the Union of cinematographists of Russia, administraion of Perm region, film studio “Novij kurs (New course)” and the Fund of support and development of cinematography of Perm region.

The programme of the festival includes following thematic section:

New documentary

Competitive programme
Informational programme

Best films of russian and international festivals not included into the competitive programme of International Film Festival “Flahertiana” on the basis of genre
programme of modern documentary (Germany)
higher courses of script writers and producers (Moscow)
special programme “Documentary and education in the XXI century”

Conference “Documentary and education in the XXI century”
Sponsor of the conference – administraion of Perm and Perm region.
Constituent conference of National Association of Film Festival of Russia (NAFF) European Coordination of Festivals will participate in the conference. Sponsors of the conference - European Coordination of Festivals, Goethe Institute, Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.


More than a century ago, namely with the advent of cimenatography, began the epoch of audiovisual culture with specific language based on the other non-verbal communicative processes. Considering the effective influence of the screen interactions (and visual processes on the whole) upon a human being they are taking a dominating position today. In the last years the volume of the television broadcasting has increased by 600 times. The generation whose consciousness from the very birth was formed by TV and computer has already grown up. It is natural that in the last years non-verbal language is becoming a major mechanism in struggle for the influence upon human consciousness. It is essential to join efforts of teachers, psychologists, methodologists, cinematographic historians and professionals of cinematography and television in working out in shortest time the basis of state standards of media education. Otherwise we will loose our chance.

Universities, film clubs, libraries, cultural institutions, systems of film review can form the environment that makes it possible to proceed with working out of the model of media education based on the documentaries review. Because of the lack of media educational state standards film clubs can become a part of extra curriculum education and an experimental basis for developing of the techniques based on the non-fiction films reviews when setting state standards of media education. Professional teachers, specialists of cultural sphere and all who love and know how to watch documentaries can be organizers and leaders.

This is the topic for the main discussion dirung the festival.

Competitive programme

Competitive programme usually consist of the films shot in the last 2 years and united on the basis of the common aesthetic concept of Roberta Flaherti first implemented in the film «Nanook from the North”. We expect such famous producers of documentaries as Yurij Shiller and Valerij Solomin (Novosibirsk), Viktor Kosakovskij (Saint Petersburg), Aleksej Pogrebnoj (Kirov), Valerij Timotschenko (Krasnodar), Boris Karadzev and Marina Rasbezkina (Moscow), Anatolij Baluev (Ekaterinburg), etc. Depending on the organizational matters we are planning to invite foreing producers.

Informational programme includes films, that have been awarded on different international and native festivals.

With the assistance of Goethe Institute during the festival we are having a review of German documentary.

The constituent conference of National Association of Film Festival (NAFF) will be a bright event of “Flahertiana-2004”. Directors of some european documentary film festivals will take part in the conference. Director general of European Coordination of Festivals Robin Malik will draw up all the papers required for the acceptance of NAFF into the European Community of Film Festival. The European Coordination of Festivals unites more than 200 european film festivals.

The number of the review halls during “Flahertiana-2004” festival will increase. The film salon “Premjer” will have a debut as a hall for second review of competitive and informational programmes.

Официальный постер фестиваля «Флаэртиана 2004»



International competition

Russian Flahertiana

Student competition

Special events

Lectures and seminars