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Carmen, or an Unfortunate Love Story of Hanspeter from Oberkassel, that Made My Children Happy in a Foreign Country (18+)
Germany, Georgia, 2022, 79 min
Director Yulia Vishnevets
Special Jury Mention
The One I love… (16+)
Finland, Russia, 2023, 90 min
Director Livia Anna Emilia Berger
Grand Prix “Big Golden Nanook” for the best film of the festival
Hidden Letters (16+)
China, Germany, Norway, United States, 2022, 89 min
Director Violet Du Feng
“Silver Nanook” for discovery of new subjects and new heroes Audience Award
Tanya. Summer. Winter (16+)
Russia, 2023, 80 min
Director Aleksandr Avilov
“Silver Nanook” for the original artistic solution
Life Goes On (12+)
Russia, 2022, 61 min
Director Pavel Skorobogatov
Special Jury Mention for the Quest for Light
Seven Days of Autumn (6+)
Russia, 2023, 52 min
Director Alexey Golovkov
Special Jury Mention for the Best Visual Solution
Subtle Fields (18+)
Russia, 2022, 78 min
Director Dmitry Lukyanov
Special Jury Mention for an Unconventional Approach to the Industrial Theme
LIVE IN Lubimovo (12+)
Russia, 2022, 25 min
Director Alexey Romanov
Small Golden Nanook
Stones (12+)
Armenia, Russia, 2022, 17 min
Director Arman Ayvazyan
Special Jury Mention for a Well-Formed Vision
Maestro (16+)
Russia, 2023, 25 min
Director Artem Agafonov
Special Jury Mention for Understanding Himself and the Grandmother
The Tale of the Fish, the Fisherman and His Father (18+)
Russia, 2023, 39 min
Director Ekaterina Gosteva
Special Jury Mention for a Curious Eye
People-shaped Clouds (16+)
Russia, 2022, 40 min
Director Evgenia Leushkina
The Best Student Film
20–27 SEPTEMBER 2024
The more your work corresponds to real life, the better it seems..." — these words said by Durer, an artist of the Renaissance, are the most laconic expression of the aesthetic conception of the film festival "Flahertiana".

Closing Ceremony