Ben van Lieshout


Ben van Lieshout was born in 1951 in the Netherlands. He is an independent, award-winning director, producer and screenwriter. He directed short films, documentaries and feature films. He is also a lecturer at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Filmography: Framed, 1981; The light of Cadiz, 1983; The Shore, 1988; Fence, 1989; Passengers, 1991; Butterfly, 1995; The Stowaway, 1997; The Zone, 1999; Night at the mall, 2001; Trip to Paradise, 2002; Allotment, 2003; Week 19, 2003; Petersburg Places And Paintings, 2004; Locatie TusseNLand, 2006; The Muse, 2007; A Kronstadt Tale, 2009; Inventory of the Motherland, 2012; Sketches of Siberia, 2015.