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Nailya Allahverdiyeva

the artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art PERMM

Until 2014, she led the country's first comprehensive program on public art in Perm. She is the leading specialist in the integration of contemporary art in the urban environment and public spaces. Periodically she works as an exhibition curator. She is the Kuryokhin Award Winner as the curator of exhibition of contemporary Kazakh art "Bride's Face”. The most significant projects: festival on concrete fences “Long Stories” (Perm, Yekaterinburg), video art festival on the outdoor video screens "Out Video" (Display Network “City Vizion” in 12 cities across the country), the exhibition "Portholes" (terminal of the airport Koltsovo, Yekaterinburg), "Transit Zone" (the first museum exhibition of street art, Perm), the exhibition "Landscape Promise" (landscape optics in modern Russian art). She is the curator of iconic public art objects: "Monument to Klava" by Anatoly Vyatkin (Yekaterinburg), "Perm Gates" by Nicholai Polissky (Perm), "Power" by Nicholai Ridnyi (Perm), «Red People» by the “Pprofessors” group (Perm).