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Valeriy Solomin


Valeriy Solomin was born in 1938. He graduated from operator’s department of VGIK (the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography). During the 45 years of working in Russian documentaries sphere as an operator, scriptwriter and director he has made over 50 documentary films. Many of these documentaries have participated in various Russian and international film festivals and have been awarded with diplomas and prizes. In 2006 Valeriy Solomin’s film «The fisherman and the dancer» was nominated for the Best European Documentary 2006 award by the European Film Academy.
Valeriy Solomin is an Honoured art worker of Russia, acting member of European Film Academy and Russian Film Academy «Nika» and «Golden Eagle». Solomin lives and works in Novosibirsk.

Selected Filmography: «Aluminum», 1967; «On wild deer and herdsman Karamsin», 1978; «On a warm spot», 1978; «Scuba and flippers», 1979; «Who has tastier bread», 1980; «Gypsy shore», 1981; «Her lake», 1982; «Lucky Soloshenko», 1983; «Cooperative deed», 1984; «Driver’s ballad», 1986; «The art of all time», 1987; «The days of future Buddhas», 1992; «The image of unfading time», 1993; «Flight to Marsс», 1995; «Champagne splashes», 1998; «Three trailers», 1999; «The fisherman and the dancing girl», 2005; «Academician Kuzmin’s ice age», 2006; «Soul’s condition», 2010; «Abramov and his children», 2011; «Pinery», 2012; «In pursuit of possibilities», 2013; «Prelude to fame», 2013.