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Viktor Skubei

Producer, Jury President

Viktor Skubei was born in Leningrad in 1961. Since 1989, he has been working as a cinematographer in documentary films. In 1995, he was the head of the independent video studio Znaki. As a vice director and producer of special projects, he worked at Saint Petersburg documentary film studio. In 2002, he organized his own documentary film studio SevZapKino in Saint Petersburg. Producer of more than 50 documentary, TV and science fiction films. In 2009, together with Lyudmila Nazaruk, he initiated the International Program for international partnership development in documentary cinema DoxPro for documentary cinema professionals. Organizer of a number of international conferences, panels and workshops on documentary cinema. Co-owner and curator of the web portal miradox.ru. Actively involved in producing independent documentary films. President of the Russian Documentary Guild, producer, cinematographer, managing editor. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation.