Linda Matern

director, producer

was born and raised in the Soviet Union. Studied economy and Slavic studies in Hamburg. Producer since 1992, since 1997 her own company Bildschon Filmproduktion that produces fiction, documentary and short films with (Eastern) European partners for national and international markets.Further training on Dramaturgy of subjects, photofilm, documentary working (with Julij Koltun in Petersburg, Gisela Tuchtenhagen and Klaus Wildenhahn in Hamburg).

Filmography: Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day On The Job, 2000; Oleg Popov – The Sunshine Clown, 2003; German Cowboy, 2006; The Lady With The Little Dog, 2009; From Nowhere, With Love…, 2010; LyriX – About Lyriker Hendrik Rost, 2010; Dreams Rewired, 2015; Siberian Love, 2017; Dorotcka, 2018.