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Lubomir Gueorguiev


Lubomir Gueorguiev was born on 5 August 1962 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is Cinema and television producer and the President of the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival. In 2009 he presented Russian documentaries in a program “Flahertiana in Bruxelles”. He took part in media campaigns “Improving lives in Sri Lanka”, “The development of the new borders in Central Asia”, “The BTC in DRC”. Took part in the creation process of such films as «Seuthes, the immortal», 2009; «Against the Stream», 2007; «Ma Boule Circus», 2006; «Virtuosi from nowhere», 2005; «Orpheus»,  2005; «Docteur Nagesh», 2004 ; «Les Passagers de l’Alsace», 2003; «The two sons of Ysilia Kaminova», 2002.