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Evgeny Demshin


was born in 1984 in Perm. Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of PSTU, Institute of Photography FotoDepartament (courses VisualRoom and "Texts for the Photographer"), School of Contemporary Photography "Docdocdoc" (courses of documentary and post-documentary photography). Specializes in advertising and portrait photography. Area of ​​interest: person and the anthropogenic environment. Author of the documentary projects “Where in Vologda” about the disappearing wood-burning modernity, “Jubilee” about the life of a mining village after the closure of the mine. For seven years he taught at the Laboratory School of Photography (courses "Basics of Photography", "Portrait Photography"). He is teaching at Perm school of design "Tochka" (course "Photography"), at Perm State National Research University at the Department of Journalism (course "Photography and Image Processing"). Evgeny's teaching approach combines academic depth with a clear logical structure. Collaborated with the documentary project Molotov 41-45, Dedmorozim charitable foundation, Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, Perm Academic Theatre-Theatre, and Yevgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre. Published in RBC, Meduza, Lenta, Seasons of life. Co-author of the “Hidden Perspective” podcast about photography.