Lily van den Bergh

the Netherlands

Lily van den Bergh (the Netherlands) is filmmaker and producer. She was an announcer for Dutch radio and television in the late sixties. She presented a cultural affairs radio program and worked as an editor for a cultural affairs program for Dutch NOS television. Lily van den Bergh contributed to a number of Dutch weekly magazines as a freelance journalist. She conducted a study of cable television and non-commercial video in Canada and the US. After several years of teaching pupils and advising primary and secondary schools about audio-visual media, she founded an audio-visual centre for non-commercial organizations, artists and cultural workshops: OpenStudio Video-Centrum (now the largest non-commercial audio-visual centre in Amsterdam). In 1985 she founded a professional film and television production company Open Studio Producties (Open Studio Productions), for which she has (co-) produced and/or directed 15 films.

Selective Filmography: «Revolt in Sobibor», 1989 (Opstand in Sobibor); «Inverted Perspective», 1996; «Saved Tools’ or ‘Can you send me 60 saws and 12 sewing machines?», 2000.