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Don Edkins

South Africa

Don Edkins is a South African documentary filmmaker and producer based in Cape Town. He produced the Southern African series on truth and reconciliation Landscape of Memory (1998), and Steps for the Future (2001/04) – a collection of 38 films about Southern Africa in the time of HIV and AIDS. He was Executive Producer of the global documentary project Why Democracy? (2007) with 10 long and 15 short films screened by 48 broadcasters. He co-produced and was the screenwriter on Mika Kaurismäki's Mama Africa which had its African premiere at DIFF 2011. Currently he is Executive Producer on the Steps International documentary project Why Poverty? with 8 long and 34 short documentary films screened globally by 69 broadcasters in November 2012. He has co-authored a book on documentary filmmaking ¬– Steps by Steps.

Filmography: «Ho ea rona» (producer), 2002;  «Ask Me I'm Positive» (cinematographer, producer), 2004; «Story of a Beautiful Country» (producer), 2004; «Kinshasa 2.0» (producer), 2007; Taxi to the Dark Side (producer), 2007; «Please Vote for Me» (producer), 2007; « Iron Ladies of Liberia» (executive producer), 2008; «Dinner with the President: A Nation's Journey» (executive producer), 2008; «Mama Africa» (producer), 2011; «Thato» (producer), 2011;  «Rafea: Solar Mama»  (executive producer), 2012; «Poop on Poverty» (executive producer), 2012; «Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream»  (executive producer) 2012; «Land Rush» (executive producer), 2012; «Gangster Backstage» (producer), 2014.