Aleksey Fedorchenko

Director, producer

Aleksey Fedorchenko was born in Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg Region. He graduated from Engineering and Economics department of the Ural Polytechnic Institute and script-writing department of VGIK. He worked as economist, deputy director, producer, film director at Sverdlovsk film studio. Since 2005 he has been producer and filmmaker at film studio «29 fevralya». He is a member of the European Film Academy, of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and Guild of Directors of Russia.

Filmography: Classic Z. Volume 1, 1999; Unusual Concert, 2000; David, 2002; Kids of the White Grave, 2003; Shosho, Kidnapping of Sparrow, 2006; ThevRailway, 2007; Bath Day, 2008; The Wind Shuvgei, 2010; Ovsyanki, 2010; Chronoeye, 2011; Australia, 2011; Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari, 2012; Angels of Revolution, 2014; Space Mowgli, 2015.