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Flahertiana-2015 announced the winners of International Documentary Film Festival

Flahertiana-2015 announced the winners of International Documentary Film Festival. Grand Prix went to Agnieszka Zwiefka’s work – The Queen of Silence (Poland, Germany). The jury chaired by Leonard Retel Helmrich acknowledged the film as the best picture of 15 works presented. The director got not only Big Golden Nanuk but also money prize – 250 000 rubles.

“This was supposed to be an ordinary film about life in a gypsy camp, – told Agnieszka Zwiefka, – but everything changed when the film crew had met Denisa. The girl lives in a bright and joyful world of her own, full of rhythm and dance. You cannot tell from the beginning that she is almost deaf. Unfortunately, hearing aid does not change her life. For example, she refuses to accept rules of other people. A lot of time had passed before the characters started to trust us. And now it is good to know that every our effort was worth it”.

Silver Nanuk for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes went to Alexander Nanau’s film Toto and his Sisters (Romania). Another Silver Nanuk for Original Artistic Solution was given to Surire directed by Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff (Chile, Germany). Both films’ directors received 75 000 rubles. Three more films – I Want to Be a King (Mehdi Ganji, Iran), Long. Black. Cloud is Coming Down (Alexandra Likhacheva, Russia) and A Syrian Love Story (Sean Mcallister, UK) – were noted with Special Jury Mention.

Another prize comes from the festival viewers. Audience Award was given to Spartacus and Cassandra (Ioanis Nuguet, France).

Small Golden Nanuk, the main award of Russian Competition, and 25 000 rubles were given to Denis Klebleev’s work – Strange Particles. With Special Jury Mention have also been noted On the Edge (Anna Shishova, Russia) for the screen embodiment of an absurd world, 21 Day (Tamara Dondurei, Russia) for the honest dialogue with the character, Nadezhda. Round About (Marina Chuvailova, Russia) for the vivid characters of urban culture.

Awards for the Best Student and Debut Films and 10 000 rubles were won by 2 films. The first one is the work of Perm director Daria Abaturova  – Teach’s Diary. Another picture is Conversation directed by Anastasia Novikova. With Special Jury Mention were noted I am Here (Maria Popritsak) for the interesting story of youth culture, Three Seconds of Darkiness, Nine Seconds of Light (Maria Ponomaryova) for the proficiency in working with visual form, Ten centimeters of Life (Anna Yanovskaya) for the sincerity and humanism.

The President of International Jury was the director, cinematographer Leonard Retel Helmrich, Russian Flahertiana Jury President was the Rector of Perm State Pedagogical University Andrey Kolesnikov, Student Competition Jury President was the director Alexander Gutman. IDFF Flahertiana took place for 15th time in Perm;  this year festival celebrated its 20th anniversary.