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From 17 to 23 September, viewers in Perm will see 17 films of the National Competition “Russian Flahertiana”. This year’s participants are acknowledged films which have already received prizes at prestigious festivals in Russia and abroad.

Selection committee of the national competition 2021 invited Ekaterina Rusakovich. For 10 years she has been the curator of the competition program of the Saratov Sufferings Film Festival. Elaterina joined Flahertiana team, and together they selected a very diverse gallery of contemporary Russians’ portraits.

We will see the story “Bring Back My Hands” about a microsurgeon from the hinterland who can restore lost arms and in his free time makes a blog with unusual experiments – trying to understand, for example, if it is possible to cut off your hand with a chainsaw. Another blogger hero is a taxi driver Viktor Toroptsev from the film “Far Eastern Golgotha”, which received a prize at the Moscow International Film Festival and won at the Krakow Film Festival in Poland. Having started with a couple of hundred subscribers, Viktor eventually became one of the most prominent local oppositionists watched by thousands of people.

In addition, in the film “Alisa. Excitement” viewers will see the life of a famous Russian actress Alisa Freindlich and her preparation for the role in the modern play by Ivan Vyrypaev. In the same row stands the everyday life of the scrap metal seller Ilya. He’s grown up in total lovelessness and now brings it to the lives of other people in the film “Beaumonde Scrapping”. These films stand by the amazing story of friendship between the veteran Raya and the young filmmaker – a poetic story about the absurdity of war and age “The War of Raya Sinitsina”.

The program will also include new films from directors familiar to the audience of Flahertiana. For example, Vladimir Golovnev shot the full-length comedy “Long Shot” about cinema halls that are opened in villages where local residents find new jobs. And the famous director Valeria Gai Germanika captured the portrait of her stepfather Alexander Brown in the film “Dad”.

The winner of the National Competition receives “Small Golden Nanook” and a cash prize of 75 thousand rubles. “Russian Flahertiana” is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Perm Krai.


National Competition “Russian Flahertiana” Shortlist: 


25 Years of Solitude

Irina Vasiljeva, 2020


Alisa. Excitement

Denis Klebleev, 2020


Far Eastern Golgotha

Yulia Sergina, 2021



Artem Aisagaliev, 2020


Bless You!

Tatyana Chistova, 2020


Bring Back My Hands

Konstantin Selin, 2020


The War of Raya Sinitsina

 Efim Graboy, 2020


Long Shot

Vladimir Golovnev, 2021


Doctor, I Want a Baby

Yulia Mironova, 2020



Nadezhda Zakharova, 2021



Olesya Fokina, 2020



Valeriya Gai Germanika, 2020



Elena Laskari, 2021


The Russian Way

Tatiana Soboleva, 2021



Vladimir Eisner, 2020


Felling Dangerous Trees

Zakhar Khasanov, 2021


Beaumonde Scrapping

Nikolay N. Viktorov, 2020