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IDFF Flahertiana presents the program of the Student Films Competition. This year, viewers will see 14 films from the youngest authors – film school students. All screenings will be held at the Premier Cinema Center free of charge.

In 2020-2021, many directors shot portraits of their peers. For example, in the film "To Look Beyond The Horizon", there are stories from the life of three young children. Its author, VGIK student Ekaterina Kuteko, has already been awarded by Student TEFI at her age. Director Alexey Evstigneev in the film "18 Years to Moscow" also showed young people from different cities, whose stories are connected by the road along which they go to big cities from their native places. Alexey participated in the Student Competition of Flahertiana with the film "Golden Buttons" last year.

But young directors are not only attracted to their peers. Thus, Evgeny Sushchev filmed a former military man, a fighter of the First Chechen War, Kostya Pitersky, who, in his film of the same name, learns to live without war. With the project of this film, Evgeny took part in Flahertiana Forum pitching and training in 2019. For the film "Fly, Feather" Anna Nikulina from Chelyabinsk filmed a local tire fitter Albert, who at the age of 36 became famous in TikTok for his singing.

Another work from a student of VGIK – "Ski Track" about the coach of Olympic champions in cross-country skiing Tatyana Revina and her grandson, who wants to become a rapper and doesn’t plan to devote himself to sports at all.

Again this year the students of the School of Documentary Film and Theater of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov will take part in the festival. They are Nikita Efimov and his film "Leningraders" about the indigenous inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Anna Zalevskaya with the picture "After The Tide" about Anya and Gleb, who are looking for heroes of films directed by Kira Muratova in Odessa.

The competition will be held with the support of the Ministries of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Perm Krao. The project is the winner of the XXIII city competition of socially significant projects "The City Is Us"

Student competition shortlist:

18 Years To Moscow

Alexey Evstigneev


Without Her

Adil Khalilov


Without Brakes

Sergey Rahamimov


Darina Through The Looking Glass

Darya Agienko


My Friend Sashka

Sofia Levkina



Dmitry Kargapolov


When The Roses Dry

Ivan Vlasov


Kostya Pitersky

Evgeny Sushchev



Nikita Efimov


Fly, Feather

Anna Nikulina


Ski Track

Nikita Stashkevich



Ekaterina Gosteva


After The Tide

Anna Zalevskaya


To Look Beyond The Horizon

Ekaterina Kuteko