Evgeniy Gindilis

is a Russian film and television producer, a member of KinoSoyuz, a member of the European Film Academy (EFA).

General Producer of TVINDIE Film Production. He worked as an editor at the Museum of Cinema, as the deputy producer of the Directorate of Film Programs at the ORT TV company, as producer and head of the international projects department of NTV-PROFIT company. In 2009, in partnership with Warsaw Film Foundation, he organized CentEast Warsaw-Moscow (Project for Tomorrow) as part of the 2morrow independent film festival. In 2012 – Executive Director of Red Square Screenings. In 2016, he founded the Kinopoisk Film Market. Since 2020, Evgeny Gindilis has been a curator of the "New Doc" course at Moscow Film School.

TVINDIE Film Production was founded in 2004. TVINDIE is known as a producer of films and series for domestic and international distribution.