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Natalija Ju

producer, screenwriter, director.

Born in the Urals, in Yekaterinburg. Graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow State University and Gerasimov Institute of Cinematograpgt (VGIK, workshop of A. G. Bizyak and V. I. Romanov). Lives in Vilnius. She founded an independent company Studija JU which specializes in the production of feature and documentary films, television programs. Chief producer of the association “Jaunimo studija”.

Professional activity: Member of the Union of Lithuanian Cinematographers, Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio of Russia. Laureate and nominee of the national awards "TEFI", "Laurel Branch", "Nika", "Golden Eagle", "Pragiedruliai"; winner of international and Russian festivals. Member of the jury of Krasnogorsk International Sports Film Festival, the international festival "Rendezvous with Russia".

Her studio releases documentaries which focus on a person who realize themselves at the crossroads of cultures. This applies both to cultural figures and to representatives of any other profession who managed to succeed in their field.