Flahertiana Forum is the first and only training and pitching event in Russia, which provides a meeting place for filmmakers, creators, and producers of creative documentary projects from Russia and abroad. The Forum is held in Perm, Russia during IDFF Flahertiana, one of the largest and most reputable documentary film festivals in Russia.

In 2020 Flahertiana Forum, French association Docmonde, German non-fiction film association AG DOK and SiberiaDoc have joined forces in the project “Real Stories from the East 2020 goes digital”. It will include pitching of 14 Russian film projects and 9 film projects from the Eastern Partnership countries and Turkey, training, lectures and masterclasses. All events will take place online.

All selected projects will go through training for directors and producers. Renown and well-experienced filmmakers tutor them how to shape and pitch their ideas.

Training program for Russian projects is held from Nov 20 to Dec 4.

From 11 to 14 December, already during the festival, Flahertiana Forum will hold masterclasses and lectures for representatives of the film industry, it will also be possible to join them online (the program will be announced on the website).

Project presentations for Russian and foreign producers will be available from December 11 to 18 on the Polish platform Pitch the Doc (, live Q&A sessions and individual meetings will be held from December 15 to 18 in Zoom.

Flahertiana Forum 2020 is held on the initiative of Perm Filmmakers Union, IDFF Flahertiana, GKBUK «Permskaya Sinemateka», and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Perm Krai and the German Federal Foreign Office within the framework of the Eastern Partnership programme and Year of Germany in Russia.

List of Russian projects:

Buried and Forgotten, Russia, dir. Konstantin Selin, prod. Semen Lebin

The Land of Great Opportunities, Russia, dir. Andrey Ananin, prod. Daria Fedotova

Irkutsk of Ivan Vyrypaev, Russia, dir. Anastasiya Zverkova, prod. Yuriy Yashnikov

Ice Queen, Russia, dir. Ekaterina Kurek, prod. Maxim Savchenko

What If I Don’t Die?, Russia, dir. Elena Laskari, prod. Evgeny Kokusev

My Little Berlin, Russia, dir. Galina Krasnoborova

People’s Hero, Russia, dir. Vladimir Golovnev

Carrying the Light, a Camera and a Bolt Cutter, Russia, dir. Ripsime Grigoryan, prod. Natalia Zhogova

Peli-island, Russia, dir. Nadezhda Dorofeeva

Against the Wind, Russia., dir. Daniyal Isakaev, prod. Tatiana Soboleva

The Unlike, Russia, dir. Kapitolina Dolgikh, prod. Olga Averkieva

Three meals a day, Russia, dir. Aleksey Sukhovey, prod. Natalia Zhogova

Chip Inside Me, Russia, dir. Julia Kiseleva, prod. Julia Kiseleva, Svetlana Bondareva, Olga Shaposhnikova

Mobility Gods, Russia, Germany, dir. Artem Funk

Death Therapy, Ukrain, dir. Serhii Volkov

A Picture To Remember, Ukrain, dir. Olga Chernykh

Heart don’t be afraid, Georgia, dir. Ana Kvichidze

Saint Mary Goes On Her Way, Georgia, dir. Mariam Natroshvili

Fisherman, Armenia, dir. Lilit Mkhitaryan

About a war, Armenia, dir. Aram Mkrtchyan

Luna, Armenia, dir. Armen Papyan

Güneş, Turkey, dir. Nejla Demirci

Threshold, Turkey, dir. Hilal Işık


Claudia Chupina

Project Coordinator