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Amateur footages: 1940s-1970s

Autour d'une femme dans un pavillon

France, 1961, 3 min.

Director – Marcel Belanger

Author of the footage – Marcel Belanger – is terribly pleased to look at the face of his wife: that, in fact, is the plot, and who would argue. And so he watches her smile, and when she slips away, the camera lens stumbles upon garden gnomes, flowers, and bustle of the street.
CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire, l’agence regionale pour le livre et l’image.CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire, l’agence regionale pour le livre et l’image


Dali presente l'ovocipede

France, 1959, 6 min

Director – Joseph Foret

A unique chronicle of Salvador Dali’s constructivist outrageousness. As you know, during this period, Dali began, as the newspapers wrote, “shaking the apathy of the modern world, making himself a paranoid-critical object”: he looked into the eyes of a rhinoceros or exhibited a loaf of bread eighteen meters long. In the Paris Ice Palace, he demonstrates a plastic ball: "Projection of intrauterine vision ...". The shooting was initiated by the publisher Joseph Faure. Enjoy Dali in his silver-plated alien costume, with his mustache and cane, and a general phlegmatic carnival of madness.

Issoudun County Cultural Heritage Center, Joseph Faure Foundation, donated by Michel Brutte (2012) – with the support and permission CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire, l’agence régionale pour le livre et l’image



USSR, 1967 – 1969, 7 min.

Director – Petr Seksyaev

The genre of film-cipher (invented by the documentary classic Chris Marker) is represented by Perm story with our working title "The Quest". The sequence of seemingly random episodes is gradually perceived as a sequence of signs encrypting the message: no kidding, in essence, it's a thriller which starts from peering into the cat's eyes. Then we meet a stern gentleman with a cigarette nodding to us; a daring kid cuts a piece of plywood on his dashing head; close-ups of unknown faces… All for good reason.

Perm Cinematheque



France, 1964, 10 min.

Director – Pierre De Montvallon

Long before Woody Allen, the author sends his character onto the screen, where he ends up in the hands of mystical surgeons, revealing himself to be a movieman undergoing an intricate spiritualist montage. It is not the intestines that emerge from his abdominal cavity, but skeins of film. For cinephiles of new generations, this is a truly encyclopedic sketch about the technology of cinematic nature. Double exposure reprises; silhouettes in the negative (meaning not a bad mood, but a film original); editing with barbaric scissors – the character on the screen loses half of the body; there are gastric wastes in the form of a silent movie film with a silent hero.

CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire, l’agence régionale pour le livre et l’image


Quand le CBA bouge a Lapan

France, 1949, 5 min.

Director – Guy Magdelein

A group of film lovers and their families go to nature: the luncheon on the grass. They start with a tasting, and end with walking on their hands – scenes of love of life in the genre of the French film classic Jean Renoir.

CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire, l’agence régionale pour le livre et l’image


New Year Days in Perm

USSR, 1968 – 1969, 7 min.

Director – Petr Seksyaev

Apartment on a snowy boulevard. Relatives embrace each other barely holding back tears; children try on New Year's dresses and dance around the Christmas tree; an experienced shy woman covers her face hiding from a sticky camera. And the tall – up to the ceiling – elegant spruce is spinning and spinning, hypnotizing a person with a camera.

Perm Cinematheque



USSR, 1967 – 1968, 4 min.

Director – Petr Seksyaev

A snow-covered village, a doll on the hood of a Zhiguli, sandals tinkle on the snow, flared skirts, a veil – hurray! Rare footage of a winter wedding captured by Protodeacon Peter Seksyaev.

Perm Cinematheque


Shooting in the Cold

USSR, 1969, 4 min.

Director – Petr Seksyaev

And then lamppost-high snow sculptures, New Year's rides, hats with earflaps, frozen fingers, a giant snow crocodile! Minus fifteen Celsium at least, but the camera does not fail.

Perm Cinematheque