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Russian State Film and Photo Archive’s Children Program

The Story of the Wooden Man

USSR, 1982, color, 20 min.

Director – E. Andrikanis

DoP – V. Gorbatsky, E. Feoktistova

Actor Evgeny Vesnik tells the story of "The Adventures of Buratino" fairy tale creation which was first written by Carlo Collodi and called "The Adventures of Pinocchio" – the story of a wooden doll. Fragments of the cartoon "The Adventures of Buratino". Nikolay Sats shares his memories of the meeting with the writer Alexey Tolstoy. Fragments of the play "The Golden Key" at the Central Children's Theater. Actress Rina Zelenaya talks about her participation in the film "The Adventures of Buratino". Fragments from the film. Bulat Okudzhava talks about his work on songs for the film "The Adventures of Buratino". Release of sparkling water "Buratino". Preparing children for the carnival in the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren. Children go to the carnival, dance.

Production: Central Studio for Documentary Film


I Want to Be a Princess

USSR, 1989, color, 10 min.

Director – S. Komarnitsky

DoP – Y. Sazonov

The film is a fairy tale about the extraordinary adventure of the girl Katya Batanova in the Central Puppet Theater named after S.V. Obraztsova: the sorceress turns Katya into a princess; dolls come to life; Katya, watching the impolite and rude behavior of the heroes of the fairy tale, begins to realize how important it is to follow the rules of behavior in society.

Production: Central Studio of Popular Science and Educational Films


I Want to Know Everything № 220

Russia, 1993, color, 10 min.

Directors – A. Saranduk, V. Rytchenkov, V. Toropov

The newsreel consists of four stories. The first one is about the collection of ancient wind-up dolls collected by the head of the Moscow Puppet Theater S.V. Obraztsov. The second is about inextinguishable matches made at the Balabanovskaya match factory in the Kaluga region. The third is about gold embroidery – the ancient Russian art of embroidery. The fourth is about a polar bear and her four cubs. All stories are represented by puppets.

Production: Central Studio of Popular Science and Educational Films