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Russian State Film and Photo Archive’s Children Program

Gods as Humans

USSR, 1986, color, 10 min.

Director – E. Mukhin

DoP – V. Petukhov

City of Perm. Views of wooden sculptures of gods in the Perm Museum. The museum houses more than 350 sculptures. The announcer's voice-over tells about A. V. Lunacharsky's visit to the museum.

Production: Lennauchfilm


To Cherdyn (Perm the Great)

USSR, 1928 – 1930, b/w, 16 min.

City views of Perm and Solikamsk, landscapes along Kama, Kolva, and Vishera rivers. Work of the Solikamsk potash mine named after the Decade of the October Revolution.

Views of Cherdyn and nearby villages from the Kolva River. Old Believer villages and their inhabitants, etc.

Production: Soyuzkino



USSR, 1989, color, 41 min.

Director – Vladislav Tarik

DoP – Vladislav Tarik

A film about an amazing artist, Mikhail Mikhailovich Potapov from Solikamsk, who paints portraits of Egyptian pharaohs and considers himself the eldest daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who lived more than two thousand years ago and incarnated again... This soft, light film is about how you can survive and not lose yourself in the most difficult circumstances. And behind the figure of elderly artist one can see the fate of many Russian intellectuals, and not only of his generation.

Production: Sverdlovsk Film Studio


Newsreel "Soviet Ural" № 44

USSR, 1973, b/w, 10 min.

City views of Perm. The movement of ships on the river. Visitors in the art gallery. Production processes at the Perm cable plant. Construction of a chemical plant. Performance at the Perm Circus. Students of Perm Ballet School in the dressing room before the performance, among the speakers are ballerinas O. Chenchikova and N. Pavlova.

Production: Sverdlovsk Film Studio


Miracles and Monsters of Kama Chud

Russia, 1991, color, 10 min.

Director – E. Mukhin

DoP – V. Korsunov

Panorama of the Kama River, banks, coastal area. City of Cherdyn. Views on churches, houses. Exhibits of the Perm Art Gallery. Wooden sculptures of gods, stone sculptures of animals, birds, fish, people.

Production: Panorama Film Studio