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"Little Star" No. 5

USSR, 1938, black and white, 10 mins.

Director – M. Vereyskis

Cinematographers – N. Samgin, K. Pisanko

A children's issue of the film anthology that narrates the exploration of the Arctic. A boy and a girl are sitting at a table, reading, talking, and examining a map of the USSR. Murmansk, the Maritime Port. The Kara Sea, the Barents Sea, and other northern seas: icebreakers, fishing trawlers at sea, fish catching. The Arctic coast. One of the reserves: a bird market where reserve workers band birds and collect eiderdown. A meteorological station. Winterers, families of winterers on one of the islands. A woman feeds bear cubs with condensed milk. A polar bear jumps from ice floe to ice floe.


Adventures of Two Bear Cubs

USSR, 1959, black and white, 19 mins.

Director – I. Venzher

Cinematographer – V. Kopalyn

Arctic landscape. Polar station. Winterers at their instruments, by the map. Preparing dog sleds for the journey. Winterers and dogs making their way through the snow. Bear cub tracks in the snow. Amidst a blizzard, two bear cubs traverse the snowy plain. Winterers collect the cubs, bring them to the station. Cubs get to know the station, play and wrestle. Constructing a play area, digging a den for the cubs. Sending the cubs by plane to Moscow. Zoo. Cubs are washed, examined by a veterinarian. Cubs on the young animals' platform, bathing, playing with a dog.


Tale of the Penguins

USSR, 1958, black and white, 21 mins.

Director – M. Slavinskaya

Cinematographer – A. Kochetkov

An enthralling film about the life of emperor penguins in the South Pole. Narrated by Sergey Obraztsov, the head of the Moscow Puppet Theater.