Look who has come...

Films of the graduates (2007) of   documentary  film directing  workshop (Professors Boris Y. Karadzhev and Efim I. Reznikov ) of  All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

The program includes the following documentary films:

«Queer Place»

dir . Nadezhda Popova, 18 min.

«My Home Is My Castle»

dir. Nikita Sutirin, 26 min.

«Different People»

dir .Andrey .Stvolinskiy, 25 min.

«Coal Dust»

dir . Maria Miroshnichenko, 20 min.

«Steading Habitants»

dir .Aleksey Aristov, 20 min.

The program is presented by Boris Karadzhev

Boris Karadzhev was born on 3.04.48 in Perm. He graduated from Perm State University in 1971 and All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1982. He is director and scriptwriter of more than 50 documentary films including international projects in Finland, Holland, Japan, UK etc. 2001-2006 – Editor-in-chief of Russian Central Documentary Studio. Since 2002 he is professor of documentary film directing in VGIK.