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Round-table discussion “Gestures of conciliation”

Meeting of film makers devoted to idea of conciliation organized by Moscow Ghete Institute and IDFF ‘Flahertiana’

“Gestures. Conciliation”

Russia, 2005, 10 min

Director Tchinguiz F. Rasulzade

Alexander Nikolayevich is very old.  The war destroyed his life but he doesn’t think about war anymore. He only remembers gestures, movements of hands…of his hands. He forgave everyone long time ago. He would be glade to thrust out his hand to an enemy of yesterday. But he cannot do it.


Russia, 2005, 13 min

Director Grigory Rudko

Native of Munich decided to settle in a remote, desolate Russian village. To amusement of locals he has bought a horse, restored a house and got engaged in farming.


Russia, 2005, 15 min

Director Gueorguy Bagdasarov

Adolph Hitler on his last birthday decided to stay alive and ordered his loyal servant to do the following for him: to kidnap Charlie Chaplin and to put his corpse in bunker instead of his. So that Hitler could replace Chaplin and at last to fulfill himself as an artist. But he wasn’t fated to know whether it was real or just his imagination.


Russia, 2005, 14 min

Director Maria Andrianova

Georgy Frolov rarely recalls war events. But when someone is lucky to get the veteran from Saratov talking, all his stories are about Inga. His front-line comrades and he met and made friends with a girl and her friends in destroyed Berlin in 1945. When Gueorgy Frolov gets to Berlin 60 years after, he meets elderly lady, to whom Russia is as alien as poverty of post-war time is.

“Illustrated Prose”

Russia, 2005, 18 min

Director Anastasia Pavlovich

Memories are strong at the Christmas. Memories about horrors of the past that Mrs. Kaufman can't get out of her mind. Being a young 17 years-old girl she was sent from Koenigsberg to Stalin’s concentration camp on the last days of war. As an elderly lady she visits some places in Karelia where she lost her sister and spent the most terrible years of her life.

“Hitler and Gosha”

Russia, 2005, 18 min

Director Timur Gaziev

War is a game for Gosha. There is nothing more interesting for the boy than crackle of his plastic gun. Especially when a new roomer of his grandfather’s outhouse, an actor in costume of Hitler, appears. Suddenly a game becomes reality.