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Ash & Money Press Club

Program of press club includes scandalous film «Ash and money» (directed by Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper) and following discussion. Politics as it is: with its dirt, deceit, idols, and … thousands of followers. Specially made Party-performance “Unified Estonia” is on edge of winning real elections. 7000 people are ready to vote for it in this instance. The documentary film produced about the project and its influences is a study of the state of affairs in democracy, the media and grass-roots society in the Republic of Estonia. Are political strategies the same in the world? Are there borders between theatre and reality or do political games play with concepts? How could party-performance «Unified Estonia» almost receive a chance to affect real life?

«Film Wag the Dog is the classics when you get to the point of manipulating people opinion. We suggest you drill performed on the task – documentary «Ash and money», highly recommended for watching to extinction species of political specialists and political journalists.  Why does postmodernism become a political tool? What will playing a politician turn if performed beyond rules and restrictions? Let us discuss at press club of Flahertiana».

Valeriy Mazanov, ex member of Perm krai Public Chamber, journalist

We invite journalists, civic activists and political specialists to press club.