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FLAHERTIANA WORKSHOP. Cay Wesnigk's master-class (Germany)

We invite you to take part in a meeting with German producer, director, board member of The German Documentary Association (AGDOK), European Documentary Network (EDN) Cay Wesnigk as a part of «Flahertiana Workshop». The meeting will take place with the support of Goethe-Institut (Germany). 

Cay Wesnigk will tell in detail about EDN, a global network for professionals working with documentary films and television. At the moment EDN includes over 1000 filmmakers from 60 countries. Cay Wesnigk, being the board member of the EDN, knows all the nuances of the network’s operation and will answer questions on the prospects of Russian filmmakers’ cooperation with the organization. 

Moreover, Cay Wesnigk will tell about the work of the largest Association of German producers and directors AGDOK. He will also share his experience on working with professional social network VOD Platform, which was founded by an organization filmmakers and is now open for everyone connected with documentary filmmaking. VOD Platform network allows uploading films, as well as selling or renting them to local or international distributors. Cay Wesnigk will present the prospects of cooperation and partnering that will help the distribution of the films both in Russia and abroad.