FLAHERTIANA WORKSHOP. Leonard Retel Helmrich’s Workshop «Single Shot Cinema»

Director and International Jury President Leonard Retel Helmrich will present a workshop on original shooting organization. His “single shot cinema” workshop is well known all over the world. The “New York Times” journalists call Helmrich “a master of impossible camera angles”.

Using what he has at hand, Helmrich creates a special camera mount for a light-weight video camera that allows to film in an unusual way and provides extraordinary stability and maneuverability. By creating devices for camera’s mobility, director changes film’s picture and stays involved in the event. “I don’t want to cut the reality in pieces by editing or using separate shots, – Helmrich explains. – I want to follow it constantly, without missing a single moment and that is why I prefer editing right inside the shot”.

The freedom of camera’s movement was always limited by its size and weight. In the past the camera was moved using a dolly or a crane. Every movement of the camera was carefully planned and recorded, which restricted its role in the filmmaking process. Leonard Retel Helmrich studies camera’s possibilities as it becomes smaller and lighter and escapes the restrictions of filmmaking process. Filming method introduced by Helmrich allows smooth change of filming angles using only one camera and expresses personal attitude to the moment and its perception. The very movement of the camera becomes a cinematographic expression of the director’s design.