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Program for Children

September 18th 

To Be Everything. 100 Anniversary of Fyodor Khitruk

Russia, 2017, 52min

Director – Dmitry Zolotov

The film is dedicated to 100 years anniversary of world-known cartoonist Fyodor Khitruk.

Program 1917

September 19th – 20th 


USSR, 1930, 57min

Director – N. Yudin

The film outlines the history of the Russian revolution in 1917 (October and February). The footage encompasses First World War, disorder, the State Duma, provisional government, rallies, demonstrations in Moscow and Petrograd, armed soldiers near the Winter and Smolny  Palaces.   


USSR, 1923, 6min

The series is dedicated to Vladimir Lenin's birthday. Footage covers years 1918 to 192 1, showing Lenin with Bonch-Bruevich in the Kremlin, Lenin with Lev Kamenev; Lenin’s platform speeches at the funeral of Yakov Sverdlov, at the opening of the monument to Karl Marx, at the congress on extracurricular education, at the laying of "The Liberated Labor" monument, at the 2nd and 3rd Congresses of the Comintern.

Holidays of the Revolution  

USSR, 1972, 20min

Director – I. Grigoriev  

The newsreel shows a theatrical square performance. Dismantling of the monument to the tsar. The opening of the monument to Nikolai Bauman. Agitational wagon, steamboat and a tram. Writers, actors and artists at the opening of the monument, among them, are Petrov-Vodkin, Kustodiev, Altman, Dobuzhinsky. Street children. Children's holiday. The gun shoots leaflets. Winter swimming in the ice hole. Sports competitions. Carnival. Demonstration of "living relics." Chess tournament on the square. Red Army man climbs into the hot-air balloon basket. Aerial agricultural spraying. A new plough on the field. A new bus on the streets of Moscow. Bike ride "Moscow to Ashgabat". Donkeys with cargo climb the Elbrus. Establishing the telephone communication in the mountains. Young people of the 20s at the construction site.