“To Children About Children” Special Program of Russian State Film and Photo Archive

“To Children About Children” Special Program

“To Children About Children” Special Program was made with the support of Russian State Film and Photo Archive. The Program consists of the winners of All-Russian open festival-forum of children’s and teenagers’ screen art “Boomerang”.

The film “The Story of Children’s Hanger” is about the complicated life of Doctor of Psychology, a poet Aleksandr Vasilyevich Suvorov. Young journalists, the forum “Boomerang” participants, and their adult mentors are the filmmakers.

The anthology film “Safe Media Childhood” includes 16 winner films of All-Russian Competition of Teenage Media Art. Young authors created short films about children’s rules of conduct when working with information and communication technologies.

16 films of the anthology film “Safe Media Childhood”: 

“Challenge”, studio “Otkritiy kadr”, Moscow 

“Virtual protection”, studio of TV, Film and Visual Art Development Centre, Orenburg 

“Save Me at 4:20 am”, studio “SHIP”, Luchegorsk 

“Bad Advice from Varya”, studio “PosiTiV”, Zlatoust 

“Cyberbabulling”, studio “Teleshkola”, Nakhodka 

“Illusion”, an independent participant Daria Gerbina, Moscow 

“Useful Summer”, studio “Pugovichka”, Novokuybyshevsk

“The Story About Boastful Old Woman”, studio “2x2”, Glazov 

“Koschei the Immortal”, studio “Sovyonok”, Slantsy

“The Little Humpbacked Horse”, studio “Sovyonok”, Slantsy

“A Net”, studio “PosiTiV”, Zlatoust 

“How to Buy a Cow”, studio “Sovyonok”, Slantsy

“In Brief, I’m Now Financially Literate”, an independent participant Anastasia Loparyova, Omsk 

“YOUPnet”, media centre “Sledopyt”, Vladivostok 

“A Safe Internet”, studio “Kadril”, Lysva 

“The Cybersecurity First Rule”, studio “Detektiv”, Yaroslavl