Marina Chuvailova

is the Ural State University graduate. Since 1987 she is working for Sverdlovsk Film Studio. She started as the director’s assistant. Since 1990 she is the editor of film magazine Soviet Ural. Her future career is connected with TV advertising studios.


My Fair Lady, 2000; Fear in the Night, 2005; In People, 2006; Stop, 2012; The Fracture, 2014; Nadezhda. Round About, 2014.
Special Jury Mention

Nadezhda. Round About (16+)

Russia, 2014, colour, 39 min.
Director: Marina Chuvailova
Hairdresser Nadya, whose full name Nadezhda means "hope", has always been talking a lot to women due to her profession. As she is friendly and cheerful, clients willingly tell her many interesting and touching personal stories. What is important for women of a big city?