Maciej J. Drygas

was born on 3 April 1956 in Lodz, Poland. Film and radio director, screenwriter, producer, professor at the National Film School in Łódź. Graduate of the Department of Directing, Moscow (VGIK). He has won awards at numerous international festivals. Maciej J. Drygas’s films and radio documentaries have been broadcast by television and radio stations in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, New Caledonia, South Africa.


Hear My Cry, 1991; State of Weightlessness, 1994; Voice Of Hope, 2002; A day in People’s Republic of Poland, 2005; Hear us all, 2008; Violated Letters, 2011; Abu Haraz, 2013.

Violated Letters (16+)

Poland , 2011, b/w, 56 min.
Director: Maciej J. Drygas
During socialism, the Polish state Security Service annually opened tens of millions of letters. Every day, specialist units steamed open, read and analysed people’s private letters. This helped the authorities compile reports about the moods prevailing in society. Occasionally the content would be used to launch investigations against individuals. The “Violated Letters” of the title are intimate portraits of life under socialism. Some express anguish and despair, while others shake an angry fist at the authorities. Still others are practical requests or pleas for help. Taken together, they construct a fascinating psychological picture of the Polish nation in the years 1945-1989.


Batumi International Art House Film Festival (Georgia, 2011) – Best documentary; Polish Film Festival in America (USA, 2011) – Best documentary; Mediawave Film Festival (Hungary, 2012) – Best documentary; Media Festival at Lodz (Poland, 2011) – Special prize.

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