Tonislav Hristov

is a filmmaker born in Bulgaria, based in Finland and Bulgaria. He directed his first documentary "Family Fortune" (2008) for YLE and the Bulgarian National Television. His feature debut "Rules of Single Life" (2011) found its way into both Finnish and Bulgarian distribution, winning Best Documentary at the Sofia IFF and screening at a variety of other festivals. Hristov’s next three projects earned him great success and a rich festival career.


Hercules, 2005; Perhe, 2009; Rules of Single Life, 2011; Soul Food Stories, 2013; Love & Engineering, 2014; Once Upon a Dream – A Journey to the Last Spaghetti Western, 2015; The Good Postman, 2016.

The Good Postman (18+)

Finland, Bulgaria, 2016, colour, 82 min.
Director: Tonislav Hristov
A small and stubborn Bulgarian village facing the Turkish border has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Now its electorate of 38 elderly Bulgarians is deciding on future of Europe. Postman Ivan decides to run for mayor to bring the dying village to life by welcoming refugees – totally opposing his competitors.

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