Renata Terra

is a director, screenwriter and editor with 20 years of experience.


Teresa, 2008; Trabalho Duro, 2015; Piripkura, 2017.

Bruno Jorge, Mariana Oliva

Bruno Jorge directed the shorts Justica ao Insulto (Cannes Film Festival – Cinefondation and Rotterdam), Contratempo (Clermont Ferrand and Rio Film Festival.
Mariana Oliva has a MFA in documentary filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh.


(Bruno Jorge) Justica ao Insulto, 2004; Beco, 2011; Contratempo, 2013; Piripkura, 2017.
(Mariana Oliva) Miradas, 2014; Piripkura, 2017.

Piripkura (18+)

Brazil, 2017, colour, 82 min.
Directors: Renata Terra , Bruno Jorge, Mariana Oliva
Mysterious comedy about two representatives of the Piripkura tribe, who once in a dozen years go out to communicate with people. Brazilian filmmakers, with the curiosity of scientists and the tenderness of older brothers, captured the expedition and meeting with the charming aborigines.


Docville International Documentary Film Festival (2018) – Best International Documentary; IDFA (2017) – Human Rights Award; Festival do Rio – Best Documentary.

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