Alexey Pogrebnoy

was born in 1947 in Konstantinovka village of Amur region, graduated from MGIK in 1970 and Leningrad State Theatre Arts Academy in 1978. He has been directing documentaries since 1974. Aleksey is an Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, winner of Russian State Prizes (2000 and 2004).


Selected Filmography: Documentary television series “Leska’s Meadow”,(12 episodes), 1990-2010; Rural Life of Vladimir and Tatyana, (trilogy), 1982-2000; Fancy Kolya, 1991; Late Autumn, 1991; I Heard the Voice, 1992; Spartan, 1993; Once Upon a Time (triptych), 1987-1998; Excuse Me For Living…, 2002; The Lucky Beggar, 2003; The Outskirts, 2004; Two Lives of Yasaburo Khachia (Russian Love of a Samurai), 2005; The Iron Henry, 2007; The Village Photographer, 2007; Gentle Genre, 2009; Art on the Fingertips, 2011; Merry Outskirts, 2016; The Fatherland’s Smoke, 2017.

The Fatherland's Smoke (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 80 min.
Director: Alexey Pogrebnoy
A new film of Aleksey Pogrebnoy tells the story of the actress from Kirov, Olga Bulycheva, who left for Amsterdam at the beginning of the 90’s.


International Festival Russkoe Zarubezhie (Moscow, 2017) – Diploma and Special Prize – Golden Globe; International Film and TV Festival Radonezh (Moscow, 2017) – Special Jury Prize.

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