Tatiana Soboleva

is a filmmaker, scriptwriter, and producer. In 2004, she graduated from All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography as director of documentary films. In 2011, she got Channel Britich4 grant for development of full-length documentary film “Siberian Floating Hospital” and took part in several European workshops: Dragon Forum, Ex Oriente, Baltic Sea Forum, Below Zero. Since 2013, she works in coproductions, and founded Filmstart company. Since 2015, she is one of the selectors of the International Documentary Film Festival DOKer. She teaches at the McGuffin Film School. In 2017, she took part in Berlinale Talents program. Member of Documentary Cinema Guild.


Selected Filmography: Francois: Residence Permit, 2004; Photo Salon: Working Hours, 2006; A Russian Woman Svetlana Sidorova, 2007; Love Documents, 2009; Walks Without…, 2011; Two sides of One Horse, 2013; Siberian Floating Hospital, 2015; Uncle Sasha, or One Flew over Russia, 2018.

Uncle Sasha, or One Flew over Russia (18+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 58 min.
Director: Tatiana Soboleva
Having fled from Moscow 30 years ago to the historical centre of Russia he himself calculated, Uncle Sasha decided to realize a true utopia on the territory of one given village. As every member of the Russian intelligentsia, he believes in true wisdom of the Russian traditional way, which was forgotten and crushed by revolution and modernization. Once having started the journey “searching for roots”, he is still on his way as this journey goes through impassable swamps. Every spring he builds a bridge, and every winter it is broken by ice. This year it will be Uncle Sasha’s 30th bridge.

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