Galina Leontieva

was born in Khanty-Mansiysk (Tyumen region). In 1996, she graduated from the film direction department of the VGIK (Viktor Lisakovich's workshop) with honours. She became the member of the Filmmakers Union of Russia in 1998. Management Board member of the Filmmakers Union of the Russian Federation. Member of the State Attestation Committee of the VGIK (speciality: non-fiction films). Since 2014 Galina Leontieva is the President of the Documentary Films Association of the Filmmakers Union of Russia. Galina Leontieva is the scriptwriter and director of more than 20 documentary films, among which there are prizewinners and laureates of international and national film festivals.


Ouroki, 1995; The Bell’s Breath, 1997; Life Has Passed, 2000; Star and Poet. Sergey Mikhalkov, 2001; One War Older. Letters, 2001; Student Andrei Tarkovsky, 2004; Love That Moves The Stars, 2005; Patriarch, 2005; Behold Our Place, 2005; Rib. Portrait Artist’s Wife in the Epoch, 2006; Savva Morozov. Die, And Your Soul Will Be Free, 2008; Cinema for Two. Valeriy Uskov, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, 2008; Sunflower Seeds, 2009; Russian Palestina, 2010; Love Not Dump, 2011; …Father Had Three Sons, 2014; Bernoulli’s Principle, 2015; Marina’s Reel Off, 2016; Artificial Respiration, 2018.

Artificial Respiration (12+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 55 min.
Director: Galina Leontieva
Is it easy to be a doctor in rural Russia? The main character of the film – doctor of Vologodsk air medical service Sergei Diakov – tells about struggle, hope, empathy and responsibility.

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