Sergey Lando

was born in 1956 in Rybinsk. He graduated from Rybinsk Aviation Technological Institute, served in the army, worked as an engineer in Rybinsk Motors Construction Bureau. In 1981-1987, he studied in All-Union State Cinematography Institute and graduated as cinematographer. Member of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, member of the Russian Cinematographers Guild, member of Imago, member of Documentary Film Guild of Russia. Professor, since 2001, he teaches in Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Theatre (course of cinematography).


Selected Filmography: Genius Loci, 2003; Uliana Lopatkina, or Dancing on Weekdays and Holidays, 2006; Petersburg’s Dolls, 2011; Sirin, 2014; Heavenly Jester, 2017.
Special Jury Mention for Sincere and Artistic Disclosure of the Character

Heavenly Jester (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 88 min.
Director: Sergey Lando
The notion “spirit of St. Petersburg” nowadays is truly embodied in the music of Oleg Karavaichuk. In June of 2016, this outstanding composer passed away. In 2017 he could have celebrated his 90th anniversary. The film by Sergey Lando is to the unique talent of the musician.

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