Svetlana Bychenko

was born in Krasnoyarsk region. She graduated from the High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors, documentary department, workshop of L.Gurevich and from Ural State University, faculty of journalism.


Selected Filmography: Metamorphoses, 1997; Memoirs of the First-Former, 1999; Polina, 1999; Runaway of Elephants from Russia, 2000; The Return, 2001; Sending Hello, 2002; Accordionist, 2003; Wife of the Healer, 2004; My Crows, 2005; Your Crows, 2005; Islands. Varlam Shalamov, 2006; Patsany (Boys), 2007; Made Up Life, 2008; Getting Closer to Venochka, 2009; Life of Intellectual Demidov, 2010; Filaments, 2012; Country of Birds, 2013; Wood Grouse Gardens, 2014; The Hermits of the River Pra, 2015; Blackcock Theater, 2015; The Swans of Pskov, 2016; Summer with a Wryneck, 2016; Kuvaev’s Territory, 2016; Nadezhda – Race at the Edge of World, 2017; The Last Robinsons of the Okhotsk Sea, 2017.

The Last Robinsons of the Okhotsk Sea (16+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 56 min.
Director: Svetlana Bychenko
Living on a desert island means learning everything our ancestors did so well: understanding sea, living by high and low tides, building a boat, fishing, getting on common grounds with bears, baking bread… Inhabitants of the remote Alevin’s Cape in the Okhotsk Sea can do it all. There are only three of them on the island but suddenly something goes wrong...

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