Oleg Galitsky

was born in 1980 in Moscow. In 2011, he graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) with a degree in Directing Fiction Films (workshop of V. Akhadov). He has shot several feature films, the documentary “The Leaving Nature” which is scheduled to premiere on the TV channel “Culture”. Participated in creative projects of Teatr.doc, Teatr "Aparte", theatrical laboratory "Prostranstvo Rezhissury" (Perm), the Taganka Theater, Russian Drama Theater (Ufa), etc.


The Leaving Nature, 2020; Wilfred and Alexandra, 2020.

Wilfred and Alexandra (12+)

Russia, 2020, colour, 57 min.
Director: Oleg Galitsky
A double portrait on the background of the last war: two participants of the Second World War, a former Wehrmacht soldier Wilfred and a woman Alexandra who lived in the occupied territory, talk about hatred, fear, and death that failed to destroy them.

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