Anastasia Korkia

graduated from Moscow School of New Cinema, a workshop of B. Bakuradze and N. Khomeriki. She worked as a director of documentaries and promotions on the Dozhd TV channel. Since 2017, he has been working on a documentary film about the creation of the cultural space of GES-2 in Moscow. As part of this project, she shot a short film "Sharp and Soft".


Sharp and Soft, 2018; Estoy Feliz, 2019.

Lyudmila Nekrasova

graduated from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in 2008, workshop of feature films by A. Surikova and V. Fokin. By first education, a theater director. From 1997 to 2016 she worked at the G.R.Derzhavin International Slavic Institute as dean of the acting department. She shot television documentaries for the Kultura Channel from the cycle of provincial museums in Russia.


Enchanted Wanderers, 2008; Living Breath of Eternity, 2008; River of Living Water, 2012; Be not Dead but Living Souls, 2013; Wonderful Moments of the Linen Factory, 2014; Meeting Kisses of the Wind, 2016; Tanais, 2018; Estoy Feliz, 2019.

Estoy Feliz (12+)

Russia, 2019, 75 min.
Directors: Anastasia Korkia , Lyudmila Nekrasova
Mila was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Instead of surgery and chemotherapy, she decides to go to the Amazon jungle and make a film about her healing process with a shaman.

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