Evgeny Grigoriev

is a film director, producer, author of more than 10 documentaries, laureate of the film festivals "Kinotavr", "Message to Man", "Flahertiana", "Golden Apricot", etc. Vice-President of the Guild of Non-Fiction Films and TV of Russia, founder of the film company Pervoe Kino.


Lekha Online, 2001; Architects of Their Own Fortune, 2003; Will. Henrikh Ivanitsky, 2004; Will. Fedor Uglov, 2005; Will. Alexander Zinoviev, 2006; Et Tu, Brute!, 2007; Battle for Ukraine, 2012; Waiting for Barbarians, 2014; Looking on the Other Bank, 2016; We Will Rock You, 2017; Kogan. Unknown Chronicles, 2018; Chronicle, 2019; Handmade, 2020.

Handmade (16+)

Russia, 2020, 68 min.
Director: Evgeny Grigoriev
Filmed in different parts of Russia, this film tells the story of people whose hands daily create the main components of life on the planet. And not only the material basis of our world made of metal, concrete, or wood but also what gives our life meaning, inspires, and gives us hope. Heroes of the film – a mechanic and a fisherman, a steelmaker and a farmer, a furniture maker, and an anesthesiologist – are watched by the director of the film, who, unexpectedly, from an observer becomes the creator himself.

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