Dmitry Shpilenok

graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture with a degree in Film and TV Directing. Documentary filmmaker. Director of photography for the film “Bears of Kamchatka. Life begins" (24 awards, the Golden Eagle 2018 film award in the Best Non-Fiction Film category, the Russian Geographical Society award in the Best Media Project nomination). Filmed videos for Russian and international TV channels (including BBC World). Author of video projects "Priroda Show" and "I am a Bear!"


Saiga. Karma of the Steppe, 2005; Bears of Kamchatka. Life begins, 2018; Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish, 2020.

Vladislav Grishin

has been engaged in documentary film production since 2000, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins, 2018; Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish, 2020.
Special Jury Mention for the Power and Scale of the Visual Solution

Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish (12+)

Russia, 2020, 53 min.
Directors: Dmitry Shpilenok , Vladislav Grishin
Sockeye salmon is a species of wild salmon that is born in the waters of Kamchatka and then enters the Pacific Ocean where it spends its entire life. Only once it returns to freshwater – to give birth, start the wheel of life and die. This inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the planet is reviving every year. But we may face an incredible fact: an inexhaustible resource will be exhausted through the fault of humanity.


Salt House Creative International Film Festival (2020) – Best Feature Film; Indie Short Fest (2020) – Best Feature Film; Varese International Film Festival (2020) – Best Documentary; Košice International Monthly Film Festival (2020) – Honorable Mention, Best Editing; Florence Film Awards (2020) – Best Feature Documentary.

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