Elena Laskari

was born in Ryazan. Graduated from the directing department of VGIK (workshop of A. Khanyutin). Lives and works in Moscow. Collaborates with the studios "KinoArtel", "Parallax Pictures", "ART-project", "M-production", "Under the sign of Pi" and others. Her filmography includes more than 40 documentaries and series. She is an award winner of several Russian documentary film festivals and holds nominations for the "Laurel" and "Teffi" awards.


Selected filmography: The Portrait at Gunpoint, 2008; Heat, 2011; Valenky, 2012; Pooled Experience. Frosty Thaw, 2012; The Worlds of Andrey Linde, 2013; Del And His Predel, 2014; Larisa and Her Team, 2015; Ceremony, 2015; Tatiana and Sons, 2016; Where is Matryona?, 2019; Giving My Joy. Olya, 2020.

Where is Matryona? (16+)

Russia, 2019, 81 min.
Director: Elena Laskari
Natasha lives in a small village in the Ryazan region. She will soon turn 18. She has a grandmother and a very sick sister who throughout the film asks the same question "Where is Matryona?" Natasha reads her old diary where she described her life until she was 15 years old. Now, these comments sound easy and natural: first sex, her parent’s divorce and loss, a friend in bondage, meeting a new guy. At first glance, her life seems fun and carefree, but is it really so? And where is Matryona after all?

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