Mladen Kovacevic

has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to documentaries in past several years after studies of fiction film directing in London and Cape Town. His poetic is rooted in the simplicity of realism; his films explore various styles with idiosyncratic dramatic structures and the non-conventional approach to the naturalistic aesthetic.


Unplugged, 2013; Wall of Death, And All That, 2016; 4 Years In 10 Minutes, 2018; Merry Christmas, Yiwu, 2020.
FIPRESCI Award, Special Jury Mention for thorough, delicate and esthetically beautiful observation of life which is balancing between the consumerism world we are building around us, traditions and surviving

Merry Christmas, Yiwu (12+)

Sweden, Serbia, France, Germany, Belgium, Qatar, 2020, 94 min.
Director: Mladen Kovacevic
Communist ideals have long lost their value in Yiwu, a city with 600 Christmas factories, in which Christmas as we know it is produced for the entire world. With rising factory wages, most workers can now afford the newest iPhones, but they still live in crowded factory dormitories, all migrants in their own country. Stuck in between the Chinese traditions and the newly discovered Chinese dream, they want their own businesses, they want to be rich, to be independent, to be in love.