Thomas Balmes

was born in Paris. His many directorial credits include the documentaries Bosnia Hotel (1996), A Decent Factory (2005), Babies (2010), and the award-winning Happiness (2013). Sing Me A Song (2019) is his latest film.


The Gospel According to the Papuans, 2000; Waiting for Jesus, 2000; Christ Comes to the Papuans, 2001; A Decent Factory, 2004; How Much Is Your Life Worth?, 2007; Babies, 2010; Happiness, 2013; Sing me a Song, 2019.

Sing Me a Song (16+)

France, Germany, Switzerland, 2019, 99 min.
Director: Thomas Balmes
Young Peyangki lives and studies in a picturesque monastery deep in the mountains of Bhutan. A few years have passed since the king allowed TV and internet into the country, and now the structured daily rituals of candle lighting and recitation of prayers compete with the powerful lure of smartphones. Privately, Peyangki is passionate about love songs and falls in love on WeChat with a young singer from the city of Thimphu. Disinterested in the study and often reprimanded by his masters, he sells medicinal mushrooms to make enough money to leave the monastery in search of “the one he dreams of night and day”. Peyangki trades in his robes for street clothes, but will he succumb to romance and the temptations of the city or return to his pious life in the monastery?