Jaroslaw Szmidt

is a cinematographer and director. A graduate from the Cinematography Department of National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz. Working as a movie director, he has made several documentaries, feature film etudes and commercials broadcasted in many tv stations.


Smierc miasta, 2004; Miasto w ogniu, 2004; John Paul II – I kept looking for you, 2011; Polski Liwiusz, 2012; Butterfly's Dream, 2020.

Butterfly's Dream (16+)

Poland, 2020, 91 min.
Director: Jaroslaw Szmidt
7-year-old Zuzia, her parents and her sister, they seem to be a normal, happy family. But from the moment she was born, Zuzia has been suffering from one of the most diabolical, rare genetic diseases known to man – EB. After years of constant fight, news of an innovative therapy developed by Prof. Tolar in the USA reaches the parents. This is a big breakthrough, bringing real hope for a rescue and a new life – a life without pain.

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