Eva Mulvad

is a Danish documentary film director. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001. Eva is a director of documentaries for DR TV since 1997. In 2006 she received IDFA Silver Wolf Award and World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance for Enemies of Happiness. She also was a winner of the 2006 WIFT (Women in Film and TV) award for young film talents.


The Camp, 2001; Danish Divorce, 2003; The Last Dance, 2005; Enemies of Happiness, 2006; The Art of Selling, 2007; A Woman Among Warlords, 2008; The Good Life, 2010; The Samurai Case, 2011; The Castle, 2014; A Modern Man, 2017; Love Child, 2019.
Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes “Silver Nanook”

Love Child (16+)

Denmark, 2019, 112 min.
Director: Eva Mulvad
Love Child offers a poignant portrait of Leila and Sahand, an Iranian couple who, outlawed for their love, flee the country with their four-year-old son, Mani. In Tehran, they committed the crime of having a secret affair while being married to other people and were forbidden to get divorced. Neither could they acknowledge that Mani was an illegitimate child since adultery can be punished with execution in Iran. Intimately filmed over five years, we follow their quest to be together, battling with both Iranian and European law, their lives in limbo.

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