Mohamed Al Daradji

was born in Baghdad in 1978. He studied Film and Television Production at the Media Academy in Hilversum, before travelling to the UK and achieving his studies in Leeds. In 2003, his first feature film, "Ahlaam", an insight into the chaos and confusion of a war-torn Iraq, reached worldwide fame.

Atia Al Daradji

was born in Baghdad in 1964. He graduated from the Fine Art Academy (1993). He founded Iraq Al Rafidain, Iraq's premier film production company, in 2004. Atia has established himself as one of the Middle-East's most prominent feature film and documentary producers.
Special Jury Mention
Diploma of the XII International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana-2012”

In My Mother's Arms (0+)

Irak, UK, 2011, colour, 86 min.
Directors: Mohamed Al Daradji, Atia Al Daradji
When he discovered the abysmal horrors in government-run orphanages in Baghdad, Husham established a makeshift foster home to give young victims of violence a new lease on life. Bound by shared sorrows, the orphaned boys are a microcosm of Iraq's ethnic, cultural, religious and class mosaic. But when Husham and his troupe face eviction, they seek support by staging a musical performance, giving voice to the children's longing for a mother's unconditional love.

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