Alexandre Louis Daniel Goetschmann

born in Switzerland. He studied his Master in Biblical Theology in "La Grégoriana" in Rome. He was involved in "Spazio Zero Theater", where he formed his directorial views. He moved to Tel Aviv to have his PhD in Philology of the Middle East. From 2002 he traded his pen for camera in order to follow the events that occurred in Israel and the Occupied Territories.


«In Working Progress», 2005; «La Casa d'Argilla», 2008; «Interrupted Streams», 2010; «Carte Blanche», 2011.
Prize “Silver Nanook” for the best long film

Carte Blanche (0+)

Israel, Switzerland, 2011, colour, 70 min.
Director: Alexandre Louis Daniel Goetschmann
The hospital never sleeps. Its eternal existence assures us that there will always be someone to keep us alive. It represents the myth of eternal life, to which the Trauma surgeon has the key - a carte blanche. Carte Blanche is a tragic portrait of a trauma surgeon, who does everything in his power to release his patients from the cycle of violence, in which he himself is trapped.

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