Goran Radovanovic

born in Belgrade in 1957. Graduated art history from Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. Between 1977 and 1980 he sojourned in Munich on a scholarship awarded by the Goethe Institute. After his return to Belgrade, he worked as a film critic (for the magazines "Vidici" and "Filmograf" as well as for Radio Belgrade's Third Programme). Since 1984 he has worked as writer and director of both feature and documentary films. Since 1994 he focuses to the documentary film and cooperation with independent media. In 1996 he founded his independent production company "Nama Film" which gathers some of the most prominent Serbian freelance film artists.


«Voigtlaender, 1896», 1988; «The Terrace», 1991; «Columba urbica», 1994; «Second Circle», 1998; «My country – for internal use only», «Model House», 2000; «OTPOR: The Fight To Save Serbia», 2001; «CASTING – A South East Europe Transition Film», 2003; «Chicken Elections», 2005; «The Ambulance», «The Ambulance», 2009; («With Fidel whatever happens», 2011.
Special Jury Mention
Diploma of the XII International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana-2012”

With Fidel Whatever Happens (0+)

Serbia, 2011, colour, 47 min.
Director: Goran Radovanovic
The three stories from Sierra Maestra unravel on the day of the 52nd anniversary of the Revolution. The images speak for themselves, and there are no interviews, conversations, or voice-overs. A few images from the news on TV showing people celebrating contrast sharply with the adventures of these locals. What will their lives be like tomorrow, when the big party is over?


Ismailia International Documentary Film Festival, 2012, GRAND PRIX; Pärnu Film Festival, Estonia, competition, 2012, GRAND PRIX.

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